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Office of Municipal Treasurer



1. To collect right taxes, fees and charges efficiently from private, commercial and industrial establishment within the jurisdiction of the LGU in relation to the implementation of tax ordinances, pursuant under Book II of the 1991 Local Government Code.

2. To maintain and update tax information system of the LGU.

3. To exercise other powers and performs other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinances.

4. To properly manage and handle the financial funds of the LGU concerned with proper care and according to prescribed rules and regulations.

5. And the most important is to serve the public in a :

 C          -           CONCISE

H          -           HONEST

E          -           EFFICIENT

C          -           COURTEOUS and

K          -           KEEP them satisfied


A Taxpayer is the MOST IMPORTANT VISITOR in our premises.

He is not dependent on us,


He is not an interruption in our work,


He is not an outsider in our business,


We are not doing him a favor by serving him,




Collection of Business Tax

All business establishments are required to secure a Business License and Mayor’s Permit and pay the corresponding business taxes before the start of operation. Business License must be renewed every 1st to 20th of January of each year as mandated in the local tax ordinances unless an extension is issued by the Sangguniang Bayan. Penalties are imposed after this period.

Business taxes for newly opened enterprises are based on capitalization, but those already existing are computed based on the percentage of gross sales/ receipts. In cases that an individual operates two or more related businesses, the tax shall be computed on the combined total gross sales or receipts of the said two or more related businesses. On the other hand, if a person owns a two or more different kind of businesses, the tax shall be based on the gross sales/receipts of each business.

Payments may be made annually or quarterly depends on the capacity of the taxpayer. Taxes are due on the first 20 days of the start of each period or by quarterly installments beginning on January 20, April 20, July 20 and October 20.   Payments may incur penalties after this period/ installment. The assessment of business taxes are done through the BPLO personnel, while payments will proceed to the Treasury Office from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Collection of Mayor’s Permit Fee, Clearances and Certifications

            The Revised Revenue Code of 2013 of the Municipality of Tanay Chapter 3, Section 28 under Mayor’s Permit Fee on Business states that “there shall be collected an annual fee for the issuance of Mayor’s Permit to operate a business, pursue an occupation or calling, or undertake an activity within the Municipality. The permit fee is payable for every distinct or separate business or place where the business or trade is conducted. One line of business or trade does not become exempt by being conducted by some other business or trade for which the permit fee has been obtained and the corresponding fee paid for.”

            Issuance of Clearances and other Certifications shall have a corresponding fee that is payable to the Treasury Office from Monday to Fridays at 8:00am to 5:00pm.


Steps Involved Action Transaction Time Responsible Person

1. Present the assessed forms coming from the BPLO or the Order of Payment from other offices to the collector concerned.

Issues official receipt and signs it based on the assessment of the BPLO or Order of Payment. 5mins Revenue Collection Clerk/Officer

2. Request for Certification of Payment

Issues Certificate of Payment 5mins Admin Aide VI

Issuance of Community Tax Certificate

A Community Tax Certificate (CTC) is a proof that an individual is a resident of the town and that he/she has paid the necessary dues arising from income derived from business, exercise of profession, and/or ownership of real properties in the area. Profit and non-profit corporations and other entities operating in the town must also secure a CTC.

According to R.A.7160 otherwise known as “The Local Government Code of 1991”, section 157 states that “ Every inhabitants of the Philippines eighteen (18) years of age who has been regularly employed on a wage or salary basis for atleast thirty (30) consecutive working days during any calendar year, or who is engaged in a business or occupation, or who owns a real property with an aggregate assessed value of one thousand peso (1,000.00) or more, or who is required by law to file an income tax return shall pay an annual community tax of fiev peso (5.00) and an annual additional tax of one peso (1.00) for every one thousand (1,000.00) of income regardless of whether from business, exercise of profession or from property which in no case shall exceed five thousand pesos (5,000.00). In case of husband and wife, the additional tax herein imposed shall be based upon the total property owned by them and the total gross receipts or earnings derived by them.


Steps Involved Action Transaction Time Responsible Person

1. Fill out Personal information in a piece of paper at the counter and submit it to the collector.

Computes the amount to be paid based on the information submitted, informs the client and process the Community Tax Certificate 5mins Business Tax Collector

2. Affix the signature and thumb mark on three (3) copies of the CTC.

The Collector signs for the Municipal treasurer. 3mins Business Tax Collector

3. Pays the amount computed by and receives the CTC.

Issues the CTC 2mins Business Tax Collector


Real Property Tax

Real properties such as land, buildings and machineries are assessed by the Municipal Assessor’s Office and Real Property

Taxes are due every year based on the assessment level and fair market value of the real property. The Real Property Taxes are made at Land Tax Division of the Municipal Treasurer’s Office. Payments can be made in annual, semiannual, or quarterly basis. Advance payment will be done on or before the last working day of the year which is a 20% discount maybe acquire. It can be paid also through the Compromise Agreement Scheme which pertains to a legal document signed by and both the Municipal Treasurer and Taxpayer with the conditions that the Real Property Tax delinquent shall be settled within the period agreed upon on an installment basis.





Steps Involved Action Transaction Time Responsible Person

1. Proceed to designated Land Tax Collector for verification of RPT showing your latest official receipt or tax declaration.

Verifies property according to declared owner, tax declaration, area and location of property upon the issuance of the corresponding tax bill. 10mins Land Tax Collector

2. Receives tax bill and pays

Issues official recept/s and signs it based on the computed tax bill 5mins Land Tax Collector
2.a) In case of staggered payments, proceed to the Municipal Treasurer or his/her authorized personnel for computations of Compromise Agreement. Computes the Compromise Agreement according to term and manner of payment. 20mins Land Tax Collector
2.b) Receives the documents of Compromise agreement and affix his/her signature together with his/her bonafide witness and affix also the Community Tax Certificate if agreeable to the conditions set forth. Sign the Compromise Agreement document on the space provided. 5mins Municipal Treasurer, Taxpayer, Witnesses & Land Tax Collector
2.c) Pays the initial down payment. Issues Official Receipt and signs it. 5mins Revenue Collection Officer
2.d) Receives the official receipt together with the signed and notarized Compromise Agreement from the Logbook. Facilitates the notarization of document and have them sign in the logbook. 20mins Revenue Collection Officer

3 For delinquent Tax Payers:

3.a) Receives 1st notice of delinquency.
Prepares 1st Notice of Delinquency. 3mins Revenue Collection Officer
  1. For delinquent Tax Payers:
3.a) Receives 1st notice of delinquency.
Prepares 1st Notice of Delinquency. 3mins Revenue Collection Officer
3.b) Receives final demand if remain unpaid after a period of three (3) months. Prepare Final demand after 1 month from serving of 1st notice of delinquency. 3mins Revenue Collector
3.c) Receives warrant of levy over the property if still remain within a period of three (3) months. Issues warrant of levy over the property 10mins Revenue Collector
3.d) Receives notice that the property will be placed under auction if still remain unpaid. Prepares list of properties placed under public auction and receives final listing of property to be auctioned from the Provincial Treasurer’s Office. 1day Revenue Collector
3.e) Receives final notices and informs of the date and place of public auction. Informs taxpayers and posting the announcement of Public Auction in conspicuous places. 1day Revenue Collector

2. If the taxpayer wishes so, the Municipal Treasurer’s Office issues the tax clearance.

Computerized pre-numbered tax clearance is issued to up to date taxpayers. 10mins Revenue Collector/  Data Encoder

Transfer Tax

Transfer taxes are paid when transfer of ownership is made due to the execution of deeds such as sale, donation and transfer by succession or by any other means of transfer. Copies of Real Property tax declaration, Deeds of Absolute Sale and /or other applicable documents confirming transfer are required by the Revenue Collector for the assessment of the transfer tax due for payment. Such requirements are Certificate of Real Property Tax Payments, Real Property tax Declaration, Deed of Sale of Donation, or other applicable transfer documents providing evidence of transfer of ownership. Transfer Tax ½ of one (1%) percent of the market value or selling price whichever is higher.

Steps Involved Action Transaction Time Responsible Person

1. Submit the requirements to the Revenue Collection Officer.

Computes the required fees. 5mins Revenue Collection Officer

2. Pays the transfer and certification fees and secure an official receipt.

Receives payment and issues an official receipt. 5mins

Revenue Collection Officer


Issuance of checks as payment of Obligations to Claimant

            All National Government Agencies, GOCCs, Contractors and individuals entitled to a check for payment of service rendered and or for medical and financial assistance must have a two (2) Valid Identification Cards, Official Receipt/or acknowledgement receipt, Authorization Letter and or Special Power of attorney if other than the payee.


Steps Involved Action Transaction Time Responsible Person

1. Present (2) valid Identification Cards, signs the voucher and attached Official Receipt.

Verifies the Identification of the claimant. The signature and the amount of the official receipt if it is the same as indicated in the check. 15mins Administrative Officer I

2. Signs the Record of Check Issued (RCI).

Assists the Claimant in signing the RCI 3mins

Administrative Aide















Mayor RM Tanjuatco graced the graduation of inmates under ALS

Recently, Tanay BJMP under the leadership of Mayor Rex Manuel C. Tanjuatco graced the graduation of inmates under Alternative Learning System

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Palarong Pambayan 2018 Results (Pob)

Municipality of Tanay congratulates the winning Barangay on the recently concluded: Palarong Pambayan 2018 (Pob)

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As part of the annual health services offered by the Municipality of Tanay, was conducted through the initiative of Mayor Rex Manuel Tanjuatco and

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Pre Marriage Counselling Orientation

About the Service:

            Pre-Marriage Counselling is a half-day orientation program for would-be-couples applying for marriage license. It is designed to provide pre-married couples with realistic overview of what marriage is all about with the topics that are to be discussed:

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Health and Wellness for Senior Citizen a Success

tanay senior wellness

Mayor RM Tanjuatco welcomed the Senior Citizens as they took part of the Health and Wellness Program organized by POPCOM Region IV and Provincial Health Office in cooperation with MSWD Tanay, Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs and Municipal Population Office.

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Tanay LGU Helps PWD Students

tanay pwd students

Mayor Rex Manuel C. Tanjuatco, MSWD Tanay, Treasury Office and members of the Sanggunian Bayan witness the Pay-out ceremony for the monthly pension of the PWD students. Present in the pay-out ceremony are the parents and guardians of the student beneficiaries.



Website Management Team

This website is maintaned by LGU Tanay Website Management Team


Hane Festival

tanay hane festival

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Guidelines – Trekking

guidelines trekking

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Hiking Guidelines

guidelines hiking

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Mountain Climbing Guidelines


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Caving Guidelines

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Tanay Rodeo Festival


To promote and market the town’s cattle and agri-eco tourism not only within the  municipality but also in the CALABARZON  region, the Municipal Government of Tanay holds Tanay Rodeo every third week of January each year.

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Tourist Information


Long before the coming of Spaniards, Tanay was already settled by early Indonesian and Malay voyagers. Artifacts dug up attest to the existence of these early settlements.

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How to Get Here

tanay map

There are vans and jeepneys plying from Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong, or in Sta. Lucia in Cainta, also in Antipolo that go through Tanay. Travel time is around 45 minutes and an hour (from Shaw Blvd.).

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Daranak Falls


DARANAK FALLS is one of the flagship destinations of Tanay and is a popular summer getaway for locals and tourists from in and out of the country.

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tanay grotto

GROTTO features the shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary encamped in a manmade stone cavern beauteously set in panoramic view. On the top, a pilgrim is treated not only with a holy commune with the Almighty but also a breath-taking view of Tanay and Laguna Lake.

Masungi Karst

masungi karst

Masungi Karst is a mountain rock formation that the Tanay folks call “Palanas”. It is ideal for mountain climbing.

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Parola and its Lakeshore provides a grand view of the Lake and mountains.

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Tinipak Rock


Tinipak is a splendid, naturally sculptured marble formations that look like they have been chiselled or blasted by a machine. It represents the core adventure of Tanay Tourism.


Regina RICA

regina rica

Nesting in the foothills of Sitio Aguho in Barangay Sampaloc, Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia (RICA) is a 14-hectare sanctuary for Dominican Sisters .

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Daraitan River

daraitan river

Daraitan River was awarded as the cleanest inland body of water in Region IV and a finalist for the national competition.

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Tanay Church

tanay church

Located in the heart of the town proper, San Ildefonso Church, also known as Tanay Church, is one of Jubilee Churches in the Philippines.

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