The Municipal Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the municipality and shall coordinate, lead and direct the department heads, officers and employees in the administration of the municipality in accordance with the policies and plans approved and established by the Mayor and Council. He shall be responsible to the Mayor and Council for the general control and management of the administration and the affairs of the municipality.

The Municipal Administrator shall keep the Mayor and Council informed of all events and information relevant to the exercise of all duties and responsibilities of the Mayor and Council. He shall be responsible for the submission of information and reports to the Mayor and Council when necessary from any departments of the Municipal Government.


Office Implementation - The Municipal Administrator shall coordinate, direct and broadly supervise the implementation of the policies of the Mayor and Council and deal with any matter, including complaints from citizens, in accordance with the policies of the Mayor and Council, with the assistance of the department heads. He shall report regularly to the Mayor and Council upon actions taken.

Office Supervision – The Municipal Administrator shall supervise all Municipal employees, including department heads and Section Heads, except to the extent of any of their specific statutory duties. He shall recommend to the Mayor and Council on the appointment, suspension, discipline, dismissal and terms of employment of all Municipal employees. He shall carry out an annual performance evaluation of all employees and shall recommend appropriate action to reward performance and correct deficiencies.


  •      Municipal Housing and Resettlement
  •      Municipal Cemetery)Himlayan ng Bayan
  •       Municipal Traffic Management Unit
  •      Public Safety Action Force-Acting 
  •      Municipal Risk Reduction Management
  •     Tanay Youth Center
  •      Tanay Technology and Livelihood Development Center
  •      MENRO
  •     BPLO
  •     Tourism
  •      MADAC
  •      MIS
  •      Public Information Office (PIO)
  •      PESO


Tanay nakatanggap ng pagkilala mula sa DILG laban sa illegal na droga

Binigyang pagkilala ng DILG ang ating bayan sa patuloy na pagpapatupad ng mga programa laban sa illegal na droga gayundin sa pagtulong sa mga naging biktima ng ipinagbabawal na gamot. Read more ...

A Brown Company, Inc. donates half hectare lot to DEPED-RIZAL

Part of the LGU Tanay’s drive to further improve the literacy for its constituents, the LGU under the administration of Mayor Rex Manuel C. Tanjuatco has recommended and help the A Brown Company, Inc. to donate, a half hectare lot for the Youth of Tanay as the new site of a new school that will rise along Sampaloc Road in Brgy. Sampaloc area.

LGU Tanay and DEPED-Rizal have lauded Dr. Walter William Bendaña Brown and it’s family for making an extraordinary donation for the youth of Tanay.
Dr. Walter William Bendaña Brown is a proud Tanayan and he is currently a Director and Chairman Emeritus of A Brown Company, Inc. currently he choose to stay in his beloved town in Tanay.

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SMS Broadcast System nilunsad ng LGU Tanay, Una sa Lalawigan ng Rizal

Sa panahon ng community quarantine mahalaga ang komunikasyon sa ating mga kababayan, kaya naman ssa pakikipagtulungan ng LGU Tanay at Smart Communications ay inilunsad kamakailan ang SMS Broadcast System na gagamitin ng Munisipyo ng Tanay, na kauna-unahan sa lalawigan ng Rizal.

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