The Office of the Local Civil Registrar is an entity that provides an immediate, reliable and accurate civil registration services.


             As one of the important agency in Municipality of Tanay, the Office of the Local Civil Registrar provides a reliable and accurate civil registration services.


  • We are committed to meet the expectation of our clientele of prompt, reliable and efficient services.
  • We recognize the value of human resources and continue to promote their general welfare and being.
  • We value professionalism and aim for excellence in our services.
  • Humbly, we seek the guidance of our divine Providence in all our undertakings.



We at the Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar do hereby pledge and commit to deliver quality public services as promised in this Citizen’s Charter.

 Specifically we will be:

 R – reliable;

 E – efficient and effective;

 G – Government employee with

 I – integrity;

 S – service oriented;

 T – towards the

 R – results oriented output for development throughout the

 Y – years.



  1. Registering Births and Issuance of Certificate of Live Birth (COLB)
  2. Registering Foundlings
  3. Registering/issuance of Death Certificates
  4. Issuance  of a Marriage License
  5. Registering Marriage Certificates
  6. Issuance of Certified Photocopy/True Transcription of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  7. Processing Petitions under RA 9048/RA 10172(Correction of Clerical Error or Change of Name, Petition for Change in Gender/Sex and Date of Birth (Month & Day))
  8. Registering Legal Instruments
  9. Issuance of Endorsements of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  10. Processing of Security Paper of Births, Deaths, Marriages and CENOMAR through Batch Request Entry System (BREQS)
  11. Registering Court Orders


Tanay nakatanggap ng pagkilala mula sa DILG laban sa illegal na droga

Binigyang pagkilala ng DILG ang ating bayan sa patuloy na pagpapatupad ng mga programa laban sa illegal na droga gayundin sa pagtulong sa mga naging biktima ng ipinagbabawal na gamot. Read more ...

A Brown Company, Inc. donates half hectare lot to DEPED-RIZAL

Part of the LGU Tanay’s drive to further improve the literacy for its constituents, the LGU under the administration of Mayor Rex Manuel C. Tanjuatco has recommended and help the A Brown Company, Inc. to donate, a half hectare lot for the Youth of Tanay as the new site of a new school that will rise along Sampaloc Road in Brgy. Sampaloc area.

LGU Tanay and DEPED-Rizal have lauded Dr. Walter William Bendaña Brown and it’s family for making an extraordinary donation for the youth of Tanay.
Dr. Walter William Bendaña Brown is a proud Tanayan and he is currently a Director and Chairman Emeritus of A Brown Company, Inc. currently he choose to stay in his beloved town in Tanay.

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SMS Broadcast System nilunsad ng LGU Tanay, Una sa Lalawigan ng Rizal

Sa panahon ng community quarantine mahalaga ang komunikasyon sa ating mga kababayan, kaya naman ssa pakikipagtulungan ng LGU Tanay at Smart Communications ay inilunsad kamakailan ang SMS Broadcast System na gagamitin ng Munisipyo ng Tanay, na kauna-unahan sa lalawigan ng Rizal.

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