Office Of The Municipal Assessor

The Office of The Municipal Assessor

The Office is responsible for the appraisal and assessment of all real properties within the political jurisdiction the local government unit is charge to perform the following duties provided under Book II of R.A. 7160, The Local Government Code of 1991, which are:

1. Ensure that all laws and policies governing the appraisal and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes are properly executed;

2. Initiate, review, and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures and practices in the valuation and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes.

3. Establish a systematic method of real property assessment;

4. Install and maintain a real property identification and accounting system;

5. Prepare, install and maintain a system of tax mapping showing graphically all properties subject to assessment and gather all data concerning the same;

6. Conduct frequent physical surveys to verify and determine whether or real properties within the province are properly listed in the assessment rolls;

7. Exercise the functions of appraisal and assessment primarily for taxation purposes of all real properties in the local government unit concerned;

8. Prepare schedule of the fair market value for the different classes of real properties in accordance with Title Two, Book II of this Code;

9. Issue, upon request of any interested party, certified copies of assessment records of real property and all other records relative to its assessment, upon payment of a service charge or fee to the treasury;

10. Exercise such other powers and performs such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

WILFREDO B. MARINDO OIC-Municipal Assessor
ISMAEL C. CATANYAG Local Assessment Operation Officer III
ALNEA A. TRINIDAD Local Assessment Operation Officer I
LEONARDO A. PAGALUNAN Administrative Assistant IV
JENNIFER A. SANTOS Administrative Assistant I
ELISA R. ARABIT Administrative Aide III


1. Total Declared Land Area Taxable 182,890,122 sq.m. Non-Taxable 30,377,390 sq.m.
2. Total Number of Parcels 28,715
3. Total Market Value (Taxable) P 17,260,947,239
4. Total Assess Value (Taxable) P 5,743,445,734
5. Total Market Value (Taxable) P 2,066,290,305
6. Total Assess Value (Taxable) P 601,118,220


The Municipal Assessor’s office, as partner in the transformation of Tanay into financially self-sustaining local gov’t. unit shall;
Discover, list, appraise and assess all real property situated within the jurisdiction of Tanay in accordance with existing assessment rules and regulation,
Maintain systematic and effective accounting and inventory of real property unit through computerized RPTA System.


To install and maintain Real property identification and accounting system through computerized programming;
To undertake the activities in updating the existing mapping and assessment of real properties in order to have a complete coverage of real properties;
To ensure uniformity, regularity and consistency in the application and enforcement of policies rules and regulations governing the administration of real properties and;
To appraise all real properties at fair market value and conduct regular inspection to determine if they are properly assessed.




Tax maps are the single most important tool in the real property assessment process. It is not possible to establish an adequate real property tax record and accounting system without tax maps, for they are the basic foundation of the system. They establish a permanent link between the real properties in the field and the property assessment and tax records in the office. They are indispensable in the discovery of property and the identification of property ownership. They simplify the task of property description and tie together all property records, including field appraisal and assessment sheets and assessment tax rolls. They also provide the public with vital real property information. Finally, tax maps make possible the establishment of a property record system that is easily adapted to data computerization. The objectives of the Tax Mapping operations is to establish a complete inventory of all real properties, to provide a permanent link between real properties and office records, to identify the ownership of every piece of real property and to account for the total land area of province, cities or municipalities.

Year 2006, when the Assessor’s Office have conducted Tax mapping program in our town until 2009. They completed very satisfactorily the Tax Mapping Project for seven (7) Barangay’s namely, Kat-Bayani, Kay Buto, Mag-Ampon, Pinagkamaligan, San Isidro, Tabing-Ilog and Wawa in four (4) years. However, said Tax Mapping program was effectively suspended in the year 2010 to give way for the General Revision of Assessment (GRA). Year 2011, our Municipality attained the highest increase in taxable assessed valuation in real property of three hundred ten percent (310%), over the highest increase in the entire province of Rizal due to Tax Mapping operations and General Revision of Assessments (GRA). It may be the dream to reach to the zenith of all our tax mapping operation, of the Municipal Assessor’s office but we cannot do it without the fullest support of the local government units particularly, the Honorable Mayor RAFAEL A. TANJUATCO.

17 October 2013, the Honorable Governor of Rizal Rebecca “Nini” Ynares call for an emergency meeting of all Municipal Mayors and Municipal Assessors in the Province of Rizal, the Agenda of the meeting is about Tax Mapping Program and General Revision of Real properties (GRA). The Honorable Governor reiterate that the two (2) projects must be finished in December 2014.

With our Provincial counterpart, Tax mapping operations is now going full blast since January of 2014 MR. WILFREDO B MARINDO, Officer In Charge of the Assessor’s Office, divided the operation into three (3) Team leaders, namely Team Isma Catanyag, over-all team leader; Team Bernard Francisco, Provincial Tax Mapper counterpart; Team Leonardo A. Pagalunan, contributor/writer. Each team are composed of three (3) personnel coming from Province and Job Order employees from our Municipality.

At the beginning of this project for calendar year 2014 we have still Twelve (12) Barangay remains un-tax mapped they are namely; Plaza Aldea, Tandang-Kutyo, Sampaloc, Daraitan, Cuyambay, (Cayabu, Laiban, San-Andres, Tinucan, Sto. Niño,Sta-Ines and Mamuyao- under Kaliwa River Dam Project of MWSS). For the past five months thru the joint effort of all the personnel of this office we are proud to announced that we have almost 65% completed the activities of Tax Mapping operations for twelve barangays (12).

With this project (TMP), the discovers and noticed that the Municipal Government of Tanay, Rizal has several properties that is not identified and declared, some of this are as follows:

6660 6.3682 has. Masalat, Sampaloc
6696 34.6514 has. Masalat, Sampaloc
6710 .7547 has.
6756 47.3359 has.
8221 .5325 has. Bathala
8227 16.4531 has. Masalat, Sampaloc
8768 13.2583 has. Sampaloc
9222 1.781195 has. Cuyambay
9228 .189817 has. Cuyambay
9236 3.882789 has. Cuyambay
9237 .14374 has. Cuyambay
9239 15.081042 has. Cuyambay
9240 2.040786 has. Cuyambay
9243 43.284782 has Cuyambay

For identification and documentation this office highly recommended the service of a license Geodetic Engineer to survey/relocate the above mentioned properties for future plans and programs of the LGU-Tanay.
With all these and the support of our Honorable Mayor RAFAEL A. TANJUATCO we are positive that we can finished the Program covering all barangay for the year 2014 and another convincing increase in revenue will be realized from this next operational endeavour.



Wilfredo B. Marindo -OIC Municipal Assessor
Ismael C. Catanyag -LAOO-III
Alnea A. Trinidad -LAOO-I
Leonardo A. Pagalunan -Administrative Assistant/DPLI
Elisa R. Arabit -Admin Aide-III


Dante P. Padilla
Mesciele L. Arrazada
Almer M. Fullado
Marienella C. Catuira
Nikko M. Valenzuela
Nathryan J. Jesuitas

Provincial Counterpart Personnel:

Bernardo Francisco
Janet Ulang
Nonie San Jose
Aries Timajo
Anthony Santos
Wilson Baguio
Wynn Sta Ana



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