The  General Services Department  is one of the  most important  lifelines  in our  Municipality; it   was  formed under the  Republic  Act 7160  otherwise known as  theLocal Government Code of 1991, Title 5,  Article 20, Section 490.  The position of the General Services Officer in our Municipality was created by virtue of Resolution No. 2009-238 through the Hon. Sangguniang Bayan of Tanay dated October 26, 2009.   The core function of our office is to provide supply and procurement services to all LGU departments, to deliverbasic services upon the provisions of adequate facilities that are available, to provide service vehicles, to manage building and ground maintenance and to conduct inventoryassignments of the municipal property, plant and equipments, motor vehicles and other machineries.


GSD is divided into five (5) different division; Property Management Division, Procurement & Supply Management Division, Building & Ground Management  Division, Vehicle Management  Division and Administrative & Support Division.  Through the effort and leadership of our department head Engr. Roberto R. Peñaranda, our office aspires to provide an efficient and reliable property and supply management.  Nevertheless the team is always dedicated to convene the highest standard as possible to ensure the welfare of our constituents.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Property Management Division

         This is the division where the team manages to classify, store, retrieve, secure, track and archive records of properties (PPE, land, building, vehicles and other machineries) owned by the Municipality.  They are also responsible in inventory assignments such as record keeping and updating, data encoding, physical inventory, reconciliation of records, inspection, designation of ARE and Property Cards, placing of inventory tags and distribution of equipments to different LGU departments.  In addition, the PMD is also responsible in the registration of service vehicles with LTO and process payments of insurance premium of the municipal service vehicles and owned government buildings.


Procurement & Supply Management Division

This division is responsible in the procurement of supplies, materials and equipments through public bidding and personnel canvass needed by different offices (national and local) of the municipality.  The office set standards before acquiring an item. It should be the right quality, at a reasonable price, accurate or reasonable quantity, provided by a reliable source and requested at the right time.  They also attend to different office task like preparation of procurement documents, purchase order, purchase request and conduct registry of in-stock supplies.


Building & Ground Management Division

The building and ground management division is responsible in maintaining the good condition of the building and office work place including the electrical, water, utility, sanitation as well as communication lines.  They are also in charge in landscaping and propagating the production of ornamental plants. Furthermore this division is responsible in supervising the outsourced janitorial and security services.


Vehicle Management Division

The objectives of the vehicle management division are the following: to implement one driver - one vehicle policy, supervise the whole motor pool operation, making sure that the service vehicles are in good running condition, responsible in the repair and maintenance, in charge of scheduling and assigning service vehicles with approved travel order and manage the allotted petroleum and oil consumption per vehicle.


Administrative & Support Division

This division supports various local and national events; the team is in charge of the physical arrangement and provides sound system facilities for the program and activities of the municipality and the community through the provision of logistic services. In addition, they support other services like waste collection and disposal of MENRO Section and the delivery of water supply for our housing projects upon request.  In times of disaster and calamities together with the MDRRMO the team serves as the front line personnel who immediately respond to the call of duty during emergency situations.  

Note: Other supplemental duties and responsibilities of the GSD are enumerated in the Republic Act 7160 otherwise known as theLocal Government Code of 1991 Title 5, Article 20, Section 490.


Calendar Activities:


GSD calendar of activities; depends on the program schedule of the end user (National, Local and Community activities)




National Women's Month

As part of the month-long celebration of National Women's Month, the Municipality of Tanay celebrated with a simple yet meaningful event on March 5, 2023. After the flag raising ceremony, the female employees of LGU-Tanay received a warm welcome from Mayor Lito Tanjuatco, Vice Mayor Rex Manuel Tanjuatco, and the rest of the sangguniang bayan members.
As a gesture of appreciation and recognition, all the female employees were given a beautiful rose as admiration reminding everyone of the valuable contributions made by women in the workforce.   To kickstart their day with energy and enthusiasm, a delicious breakfast with brewed coffee has been available to the women workforce.

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"Love Wins in Tanay: Kasalang Bayan 2023 Joins 79 Couples in Matrimony"

On February 14, 2023, the municipality of Tanay, Rizal held its Kasalang Bayan 2023. Spearheaded by the Honorable Mayor Rafael “Lito” A. Tanjuatco, Vice Mayor Rex Manuel C. Tanjuatco, and the Sangguniang Bayan, the event was a resounding success, with 79 couples taking part in the mass wedding ceremony held at the Tanay Municipal Grounds.

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Athlete's Cash Assistance Pay-out, ibinigay sa mga Atleta ng Tanay

Ngayong Marso 1, 2023, nagsagawa ng Athlete's Cash Assistance Pay-out sa Pamahalaang Bayan ng Tanay sa pamamagitan ng mga inisyatibo nina Mayor Lito Tanjuatco at Vice Mayor Rex Manuel Tanjuatco at ng Sangguniang Bayan. Ito ay bilang tulong sa mga Atletang magrerepresenta sa ating bayan sa Palarong Panlalawigan 2023.

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