The Municipal Treasurer’s Office of Tanay, Rizal surpasses the surprise Audit Cash Count conducted by the Provincial Auditor headed by Ms Janet Bañez on July 01, 2015. All MTO Collectors were called immediately to surrender their receipts and cash collections for inspection. All unclaimed and unissued checks were verified as well as the cashbooks and related records therein.

Surprise Audit Cash Count is an annual activity of Auditors to all Municipalities in the Province of Rizal. This is to monitor the smooth flow of transaction inside and outside of the Treasury. The auditors check the cash on hand of all collectors versus their corresponding collection receipts and rcd’s. They validated the correctness of the record of cash and check deposits and disbursements.

The Provincial Auditors comfortably got the information and write their certification in cash in vault and other documents they had audited and inspected. The result of the Audit Cash Count will be sent to Ms Joyce Flores, the Acting Municipal Treasurer after the reconciliation of all the records made by the Auditors.

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