Did you know how much money our LGU raised? Did our Municipal Treasurer report the LGU Income and Expenditures?

The Municipal Government of Tanay anxiously managed its financial resources to give more improvements in the form of projects and facilities for Tanayans. We are lucky that our respective Officials under the leadership of Hon. Mayor Rafael A. Tanjuatco best practiced transparency by assuring people is well informed to where the funds spent off. LGU Tanay belongs to a compliant Municipality
within CALABARZON which strictly following the proper fiscal management through the “ON TIME” submission of the quarterly report on electronic Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (eSRE). The eSRE report generates the financial performance of an LGU showing the creditworthiness and its capacity.

Based from the report from BLGF that was published in the Philippine Star on Wednesday, July 1, 2015, LGU Tanay was not included in the lists of non compliant Municipality who does’nt passed the eSRE report for FY 2014.