Did you know how much money our LGU raised? Did our Municipal Treasurer report the LGU Income and Expenditures?

The Municipal Government of Tanay anxiously managed its financial resources to give more improvements in the form of projects and facilities for Tanayans. We are lucky that our respective Officials under the leadership of Hon. Mayor Rafael A. Tanjuatco best practiced transparency by assuring people is well informed to where the funds spent off. LGU Tanay belongs to a compliant Municipality
within CALABARZON which strictly following the proper fiscal management through the “ON TIME” submission of the quarterly report on electronic Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (eSRE). The eSRE report generates the financial performance of an LGU showing the creditworthiness and its capacity.

Based from the report from BLGF that was published in the Philippine Star on Wednesday, July 1, 2015, LGU Tanay was not included in the lists of non compliant Municipality who does’nt passed the eSRE report for FY 2014.


The Municipal Treasurer’s Office of Tanay, Rizal surpasses the surprise Audit Cash Count conducted by the Provincial Auditor headed by Ms Janet Bañez on July 01, 2015. All MTO Collectors were called immediately to surrender their receipts and cash collections for inspection. All unclaimed and unissued checks were verified as well as the cashbooks and related records therein.

Surprise Audit Cash Count is an annual activity of Auditors to all Municipalities in the Province of Rizal. This is to monitor the smooth flow of transaction inside and outside of the Treasury. The auditors check the cash on hand of all collectors versus their corresponding collection receipts and rcd’s. They validated the correctness of the record of cash and check deposits and disbursements.

The Provincial Auditors comfortably got the information and write their certification in cash in vault and other documents they had audited and inspected. The result of the Audit Cash Count will be sent to Ms Joyce Flores, the Acting Municipal Treasurer after the reconciliation of all the records made by the Auditors.

auditor rizal

The Municipal Government of Tanay, Rizal recently scored two key victories with two employees bagging regional and national awards.

Ms. Vickyflor Catapusan, Human Resource and Management Officer III, won First Runner-up in the 2015 Search for Best Human Resource Management Practitioner (HRMP) in Region IV. She received cash prize, certificate of recognition and entitlement to one training/seminar of the CSC Region 4 free of charge.

LGU-Tanay Treasury Office is continuously rendering services to all clients that are coming in to pay their Real Property Taxes, Business Permit and Working permit, transfer fees and other services like medical and laboratory. Ms Joyce B. Flores, the ICO-Municipal Treasurer and her staff encouraged all Taxpayers to immediately prioritize their tax dues before end of each quarter for 2015. For Real Property Tax, a property may incur a 2% penalty per month when payment has not been made regularly in a quarterly, semi annually or annual basis.

Personifying the beauty of our God-given nature and culture, the Mutya ng Tanay 2014 has given rise to the typical social status of men and women of Tanay, from its rural mind-set to global competitive eco-tourism.

During the 4th annual celebration of Tanay Hane Festival, the Mutya ng Tanay was undoubtedly the highlight of the said festivity. This year, 18 attractive young ladies from 11 barangays rears up to participate, compete and to proudly represent their locality. As the grand event approaches, preparations have been intense for the candidates as their schedules constrict from workshop on proper gestures, postures and modeling, to pictorials and dress rehearsals for 8 consecutive weeks before the coronation night.


Garbage problem is still one of the most serious and yet critical social issues prevailing not only in the Poblacion area but also in the rural areas. The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office design various strategies in confronting this issues such as massive Information, Education and Communication Campaign (IEC) strategies; this include Basura Mo, Palit Gamit Eskwela Program wherein students will encourage to do segregation and separate the recyclable materials and convert those items such as newspaper, cans, PET bottles, etc. into basic school supplies such as writing pad, notebook, pencil, ballpen, crayons, sharpener using a point system methodology; weekly mass dance wherein participants are required to bring any recyclable materials as their registration/entry, the Basura Monster; a visual presentation targeting day care pupils teaching them the proper values and the importance of waste segregation, solid waste symposium for elementary, high school and college students and even the capacity building customized and specifically design for the members of Brgy Solid Waste Management Committees.


The Municipality of Tanay Receives Generous Donation from MSP Inc. in Japan-Philippines CSR Collaboration

The Municipality of Tanay recently received a courtesy visit from MSpecialty Printing (MSP) Inc. President, Mr. Katsuo Ito, and his team from Japan. The visit included a ceremonial turnover of their donation projects as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

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The Power of Collective Action: The Clean-Up Drive in Tanay

The Municipality of Tanay recently conducted a Municipal-wide Clean-up Drive in observance  Earth Hour 2023. This event aimed to promote environmental conservation and protection in the municipality. It also proved to be a massive success. Through the initiative of the local officials, including Hon. Rafael 'Lito' Tanjuatco, Vice Mayor Rex Manuel Tanjuatco, Sangguniang Bayan members, and the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office, approximately 905 participants from different sectors joined forces to collect waste materials littered around public areas.

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National Women's Month

As part of the month-long celebration of National Women's Month, the Municipality of Tanay celebrated with a simple yet meaningful event on March 5, 2023. After the flag raising ceremony, the female employees of LGU-Tanay received a warm welcome from Mayor Lito Tanjuatco, Vice Mayor Rex Manuel Tanjuatco, and the rest of the sangguniang bayan members.
As a gesture of appreciation and recognition, all the female employees were given a beautiful rose as admiration reminding everyone of the valuable contributions made by women in the workforce.   To kickstart their day with energy and enthusiasm, a delicious breakfast with brewed coffee has been available to the women workforce.

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