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  1. Registration at the Barangay Hall / Tourism Reception Desk is required.  Fees are to be transacted at the same office.

  2. Stick to the trail. Do not enter grass fields or trample on wild flowers.

  3. Don't pick any of the plants. It’s also prohibited to catch insects or animals. 

  4. Take home all of your waste products including left-over food.

  5. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.

  6. Smoking is not allowed.

  7. Cooking along the trail and on the summit is prohibited.

  8. Pitch your tent in the designated area only (i.e. base camp and jump off area only).

  9. It is strongly prohibited to build fires in the mountains. Do not use dried leaves/tree branches for building a fire.  Use butane gas for the purpose. Always double check that butane gas stoves are fully extinguished after each use.

  10. Don't feed wild animals. Don't bring pets to the mountains.

  11. Don't use new trail markers, signs or other graffiti to mark the way. Vandalism is punishable by law.  Pentel pens, spray paints, paint/brushes are not allowed during the climb.

  12. Check the course time before leaving and allow yourself plenty of extra

  13. Medical Certificate/Physical Examination by a competent physician from the point of origin is a must to ensure that climbers are physically and mentally fit to do strenuous physical activity.

  14. Submit a climber list of climbers/participants with complete address and contact numbers.  Log in the registration logbook on your arrival at the barangay/destination. Submit the list of mountain climbing participants together with copies of Identification Cards and Medical Clearance/Certificate at the Barangay/Tour guide Reception.

  15. Insurance is strongly recommended.

  16. In the unlikely event of a serious accident occurring contact Barangay Emergency Rescue Team through your tour guide or contact the nearest MDRR in the municipality. Inform them of the location, nationality/origin of climbers and number of casualties. Explain the situation.

  17. If a rescue operation is necessary the injured party will be liable for any costs incurred including the use of commercial helicopters and emergency vehicles.

  18. Women tourguides are not allowed to perform overnight assignments.

  19. To protect the environment and the community, inspection of prohibited items/equipment/materials (alcoholic beverages, pentel pens, paints, spray paints, illegal drugs, etc.) will be conducted by barangay/tourguide officials to ensure that no items are brought during the expedition.

  20. Inventory or list of items taken during the climb is to be provided to the barangay reception, any items not allowed will be confiscated and kept at the barangay office. Confiscated items are to claimed after the climb.

  21. Do not make noise, sound system and videoke are not allowed.

  22. Practice LNT (leave No Trace).

  23. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time. 


SMS Broadcast System nilunsad ng LGU Tanay, Una sa Lalawigan ng Rizal

Sa panahon ng community quarantine mahalaga ang komunikasyon sa ating mga kababayan, kaya naman ssa pakikipagtulungan ng LGU Tanay at Smart Communications ay inilunsad kamakailan ang SMS Broadcast System na gagamitin ng Munisipyo ng Tanay, na kauna-unahan sa lalawigan ng Rizal.

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Paalala:Tanay COVID-19 Hotline

Kapag nagkaroon ng sintomas ng COVID-19 ay bumukod at wag na makihalubilo sa pamilya o mga kaibigan at magreport agad sa COVID-19 Hotline, ang report ay ituturing na confidential.
Rural Health Unit Tanay / COVID-19 Hotline
Private Message:

Resbakuna para sa ating mga Mamamayan

Muli po nating binubuksan ang pagpaparehistro para sa bakuna kontra COVID-19. Ito po ay para sa mga sumusunod: 🧑‍⚕️Frontline Health Workers; 👵🏻Senior Citizens; 💊Mga taong may co-morbidities (highblood, sakit sa puso, kidney, diabetes, asthma, immunodeficiency, cancer, obesity, atpb) edad 18-59 years old 👨🏻‍🔧Public and Private Workers including Household Service Workers (Kasambahay) 👨🏼‍🌾Informal Sectors (kagaya ng market/sidewalk vendors, construction workers, farmers, fisherfolks, transport groups, etc) Sa mga interesdong magpabakuna, maaaring magparehistro online sa sumusunod na link:
Sa mga interesdong magpabakuna, maaaring magparehistro online sa sumusunod na link:
Para sa walang cellphone o signal, maaaring mgparehistro sa Barangay Health Stations ng kani-kanilang barangay o Rural Health Units ng Tanay. Importante po na ilagay ang active cellphone number ninyo o ng inyong kasama sa bahay. Kayo po ay ite-text para sa inyong schedule ng vaccination kapag mayroon na pong available na bakuna sa ating bayan.
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