tanay hane festival

The annual Hane Festival is the commemoration of the Municipality of Tanay’s Founding Anniversary. It is an agri – eco – tourism, arts, and cultural exhibition in one, showcasing Tanay’s vibrant tourism, abundant agricultural produce, healthy and sustainable environment, rich arts and culture, and amiable people. It derived its name from an ordinary expression of Tanayan (‘’hane’’) which is used to seek one’s agreement.

“Hane” exclusively identifies with Tanay. For this reason, the expression “Hane” has been adopted as the name of the Tanay’s first ever tourism and cultural celebration: the Tanay Hane Festival.

Founded in November 12, 1606, Tanay is among the oldest towns in the Province of Rizal. Along this historical backdrop, the festival is fundamentally a celebration of the proud history and rich culture of Tanay. But it also an occasion to showcase the town’s beautiful places, arts, cuisine, music, many more characteristics that are truly Tanay.

The protection of the environment is also one of the major advocacies of the municipal government and the people of Tanay. Tanay has been endowed by the Creator with rich natural resources and forests teeming with wildlife and biodiversity. Our rolling mountains and massive rock formations inspire awe while sweeping landscapes, large and clean bodies of inland water, caves, and enchanting waterfalls abound everywhere and are a marvel to explore. Thru the Hane Festival, greater awareness of the need to preserve and protect this heritage, along with the promotion of the local culture and tradition, were conveyed to the public.

The following are the Vision, Mission, and Goals and Objectives of the Hane Festival:

HANE FESTIVAL: A full showcase of Tanay as the Home for Adventure and Nature Experience, giving highlight to the town’s finest nature and adventure destinations, abundant agricultural produce, healthy and sustainable environment, rich arts, cuisine, culture and traditions, and amiable people, while producing livelihood to the community and increased revenue and tourist arrivals to the municipality, thus making Tanay as the Adventure Tourism Capital of the Philippines by 2020.

In honor of and thanksgiving for the founding anniversary of the Municipality of Tanay, the local government launched the annual celebration of Hane Festival which is designed to further the promotion, development, and conservation of the town’s flourishing natural attractions, various destinations, abundant products and resources, and rich arts, culture, cuisine, and traditions

Goals and Objectives:
1. To give emphasis on Tanay’s major attractions/destinations and to capitalize on Tanayans’ locally-produced crops and other products, recognizing them as part of the prime movers of the town’s economic growth
2. To highlight Tanay’s tourism, culture, arts, and tradition while allowing Tanayans to showcase their artistry and creativity aside from providing them livelihood opportunities
3. To help in tourism development for the benefit of our constituents and stakeholders particularly in the field of livelihood, arts, culture, heritage, history and ecology
4. To create a strong network between all tourism-related establishments, the academe, the barangay, and the local government for them to work hand in hand in producing worthwhile tourism promotion activities
5. To provide enjoyment, entertainment, and festivities to Tanayans and visitors from neighboring towns in line with the town’s thanksgiving for the abundant blessing, especially in its agric-eco-tourism resources, that it receives
6. To create, maintain and/or update communication/linkage to provincial and national tourism, as well as other possible tourism partners and investors from the business sector and non-government organizations


The Municipality of Tanay Receives Generous Donation from MSP Inc. in Japan-Philippines CSR Collaboration

The Municipality of Tanay recently received a courtesy visit from MSpecialty Printing (MSP) Inc. President, Mr. Katsuo Ito, and his team from Japan. The visit included a ceremonial turnover of their donation projects as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

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The Power of Collective Action: The Clean-Up Drive in Tanay

The Municipality of Tanay recently conducted a Municipal-wide Clean-up Drive in observance  Earth Hour 2023. This event aimed to promote environmental conservation and protection in the municipality. It also proved to be a massive success. Through the initiative of the local officials, including Hon. Rafael 'Lito' Tanjuatco, Vice Mayor Rex Manuel Tanjuatco, Sangguniang Bayan members, and the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office, approximately 905 participants from different sectors joined forces to collect waste materials littered around public areas.

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National Women's Month

As part of the month-long celebration of National Women's Month, the Municipality of Tanay celebrated with a simple yet meaningful event on March 5, 2023. After the flag raising ceremony, the female employees of LGU-Tanay received a warm welcome from Mayor Lito Tanjuatco, Vice Mayor Rex Manuel Tanjuatco, and the rest of the sangguniang bayan members.
As a gesture of appreciation and recognition, all the female employees were given a beautiful rose as admiration reminding everyone of the valuable contributions made by women in the workforce.   To kickstart their day with energy and enthusiasm, a delicious breakfast with brewed coffee has been available to the women workforce.

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